Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The Duties of Directorate of Construction and Technical Works:

a) In addition to currently available closed and open areas, construction of new buildings and blocks including open sportive facilities according to the necessity and repair and maintenance of existing building and blocks.

b) Regeneration, operation, periodic maintenance and repair, and also the elimination of the errors of existing facility, central and installations which are for the provision of heating, cooling and ventilation, clean and dirty water, basic infrastructure such as electricity and communication services.

1) Preparing projects of the buildings and plants which are within the scope of investment projects.

2) Planning of the buildings and plants which are within the scope of investment program.

3) Preparing of investment programs, the building of new buildings and blocs including open sports centres in addition to the available open and closed areas. Landscaping works including the main campus and interconnection paths, ceremonial areas and sidewalks, ttransportation works by existing service devices, and routine maintenance and repair of machinery where we provide transportation services in. Preparation of tender for personnel transport services, daily checks after the auction.

4) The environment regulations of ceremony areas and pavements.

5) The correspondence with the certain state institutions.

6) Conducting the correspondences about the investments with the relevant institutions.

7) Conducting the establishment procedures.

8) Preparing the investment budget of the university.

9) Following up the investment funds.

10) Ensuring the building of the buildings and plants appropriate to the techniques.

11) Ensuring the organization of the worksite and piling of the construction stuff to protect the regime of campus.

12) Ensuring the preparations of the work programs in accordance with yearly and monthly funds.

13) Handling the temporal and certain acceptance procedures.

14) Analyzing of the manufactured goods whose unit price is indefinite.

 15) Preparation of the exploration increase.

16) Preparation of the certain quantities of the projects accepted.

17) Making the technical preparations and preparation of the approximate cost.

18) Determine the completion percentage of every work after merit.

19) Making the certain calculations after the temporal and certain acceptance.



Defining faultlessly the needs of our university which aims to give an education in modern and international level in order to let our university to conduct all its services without delay and conducting the investment activities.


To be unit which makes out the works decided to be done using the latest technology and foreseeing all the needs of the infrastructure and upper structure of the university and doing the required works and planning.